SAP Business Object Repository

BOR, or SAP Business Object Repository is an Object Oriented Repository in the SAP System. All the SAP Business Objects are included in the BOR, as well as their methods and attributes.

A Business Object is an abstraction of real objects that SAP can manage: sales orders, employees, billing documents, materials, etc. Business Objects contains attributes, which are generally data-dictionary elements. Attributes model the characteristic of the business object; for example, SalesDocumentType is an attribute of the SalesOrder BO (BUS2032), and it belongs to the AUART data element of the ABAP Dictionary.

Let's look at this in transaction SWO1 (click Business Object Repository and select All Object Types:

SWO1 - Business Object Repository

As you can see, the cursor is in BUS2032 - SalesOrder. By double-clicking we get to the Business Object:

BUS2032 - Sales Order

The attributes of the business object can be seen here. You may also see its Interfaces, Key Fields, Methods and Events. The Methods of a Business Object are called BAPI's; you can check that in the BAPI's section.