BTE's - Business Transaction Events

BTE's or Business Transaction Events are a special type of extension for the FI Module.Like SD's Customer Exits, BTE's allow customer to adapt the system to their needs.

BTE's are based in the following principles:

  • The developer defines its interface in a FM
  • In the generated code, an assignment table is read
  • Based on this result, customer functions are called dynamically

Business Transaction Events and Business Add Ins rely on the same concept. Nevertheless, there are some differences between them:

  • Only code enhancements may be created with BTE's. With BADI's, you may also extend structures and Dynpros
  • BTE's have a three layer architecture (SAP, SAP Partners, Customer). On the other hand, BADI's are multi layer.
  • BTE's are based on Function Modules, in contrast to BADI's, which implement object methods


BTE's Types of Interfaces

Two types of interfaces exist:

  • Publish and Subscribe Interface
  • Process Interface


Publish and Subscribe Interfaces

These interfaces inform about particular events (such as a document created), and the resulting data of these events are made available to external software; this software can not return data to the SAP System. Examples of this type of interface include:

  • A document was created, modified or deleted
  • Master Data was created, modified or blocked

This type of interface does not change the standard processing.

Process Interfaces

These kind of interfaces are generally used to send business processes to a customer created control; that is, process interfaces replace the standar process.

With Process Interfaces you can modify the standard behaviour of the SAP System. If for some reason the standard procedure does not match the client needs, a Process Interface may be implemented and it will replace the standard process flow.

If you would like more detailed information, as well as an implementation example you should check this document from SDN.