SAP Adobe Forms

SAP Adobe forms are the result of SAP's strategic partnership with Adobe. They are the latest form solution in SAP, released with SAP Netweaver 2004.

With Adobe forms you can create interactive forms - the users may fill some fields and save it so the system can then continue with the processing; the user may also send it by e-mail and get somebody else to fill the form.


The main functions that are delivered by SAP Interactive Forms are:

  • Create Templates, and create documents merging these templates
  • Edit forms - either online or offline
  • Sending using secure methods
  • Consistency Check
  • Digital Signatures may be used to increase security
  • Advanced functions, like comments in the form

These capabilities make a huge improvement in comparison with Smartforms, the previous form tool from SAP. The new concept of interactive forms allow for new uses for these forms that were impossible before.


SAP Interactive Forms

This new type of form allows cooperation between employees for specific tasks that requires this kind of collaboration.

Interactive Forms may be created in two ways:

  • Interactive Forms in Web Dynpro for JAVA, using the SAP Netweaver Developer Studio

  • Interactive Forms in Web Dynpro for ABAP through ABAP Workbench

Lists, dropdown menus, texts, push-buttons and many other types of elements may be included in these forms. An important aspect of this technology is that forms may be generated in PDF format, so that they can be viewed by using Adobe Acrobat Reader or edited with Adobe Acrobat.

Once the user saves its changes and sends it back, the system can extract these data and save it to the DB for further processing.

Forms for printing, e-mail or fax

The form builder (transaction SFP) is used to create and modify SAP Adobe Forms for printing, e-mailing or fax sending purposes. In order to do this, you will need the Adobe Livecycle Designer and Adobe Reader installed in your PC.

For more information about Adobe Forms, you can check SAP Help.