ABAP Programming

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This site is entirely dedicated to the ABAP programming language. It doesn't matter if you are new to this world or if you've been programming ABAP for years... this site is just for you.

Information for the novice ABAP programmer

We know how hard it can be for newbies to ABAP to get help, and we want to end with that!

You will find everything you need in order to solve the most common (and not that common) situations when programming in ABAP... and if you can't find something we would like you to suggest to include that information so that we can improve our site.

Help others with your knowledge

All the experienced abapers are welcome to help us in making this a rich source of information for everyone. Feel free to write and share your experience with us in order to help those that may find your information useful. You may also participate in our forum and answer other people's questions.